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trans allies gathered in Alberta to protest the proposed policy regarding trans rights.
Wave of Gender Identity and Pronoun Policies Erase Child Rights
[ Feature Article ] Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada unwaveringly supports the rights of 2SLGBTQIA+ children and youth to live as their true, authentic, and accurate selves.
Authored by:
A light-skinned person named Martha Gumprich with their curly hair in a bun smiles at the camera while wearing a black dress shirt with small white flowers on it. To the right, the colourful cover of 'The Canadian Non-Binary Youth in Sport Report.'
Canadian Non-Binary Youth in Sport Report: Solutions posed by trans and non-binary youth
[ Feature Article ] We interview the leading author of the Canadian Non-Binary Youth in Sport Report, Martha Gumprich, to learn about the experiences of trans and non-binary youth in Canadian organized team sports. Check out the report findings to learn how to include and increase participation of gender minority students in Physical and Health Education (PHE) classes and other physical activity settings.
Authored by: Martha Gumprich
The first episode features two speakers and this image shows their profile photos on a light background
The PHE Canada Podcast, Episode 1: Outdoor Play
[ Podcast ] Welcome to The PHE Canada Podcast! In the first episode of our podcast, we speak with leading research experts Dr. Louise de Lannoy and Dr. Maeghan James on the many development benefits of outdoor play.
Authored by: Dr. Louise de Lannoy, Dr. Maeghan James
5 children running in the snow.
Instant Activities: Winter Series
[ Feature Article ] These activities are from the PHE Learning Centre’s Physical Education Activities. These K-12 activities require minimal equipment and include learning outcomes such as fundamental movement skills...
Authored by:
4 children sitting down in the forest. There are two little girls and two little boys. The boys are looking forward smiling and the two little girls are smiling at each other.
The Benefits of Outdoor, Risky Play and Why Children Should Play Outside More!
[ Feature Article ] Outdoor play is a necessary part of childhood and incorporating outdoor play into the daily routine of Kindergarten to Grade 12 students at school can have a profound positive impact on their overall development. If you are an educator looking for ways to bring your classroom outdoors, this article highlights a brand new tool for elementary teachers created by
Authored by: Caleb Poulin
students in a field holding onto a colour parachute pulling it up and down for red and yellow dodgeballs to fly into the air.
5 Educator Tips and Resources to Help You Support Students with Diverse Abilities
[ Feature Article ] Every year, December 3rd is recognized as "International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD): Removing Visible and Invisible Barriers". This day was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1992 was...
Authored by:

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