Teaching Tools

Fundamental Movement Skills Series

The Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Series supports teachers and recreational leaders in teaching fundamental movement and sport skills in an effective, fun and interactive manner.

Providing instructional tips, movement descriptions, assessment checklists, and activities to utilize the motor skills under focus, the FMS Series provides a developmentally appropriate teaching aid to support motor skill development within your children. 


The Series Includes:

  • FMS Active Start & FUNdamentals - Featuring Indigenous Peoples Games
  • FMS Active Start & Fundamentals – Activity Card Set
  • FMS Active Start & FUNdamentals – For Children with Physical Disabilities
  • FMS Active Start & FUNdamentals – For Children with Developmental and/or Behavioural Disabilities
  • FMS Learning to Train
  • FMS Beyond the Fundamentals – A Games Approach
  • FMS Alternative Activities and Pursuits
  • FMS An Educator’s Guide to Teaching Fundamental Movements


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