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Ready Check Go

The Ready, Check, Go! Series is a physical activity tracker designed to help children and their parents/guardians understand the importance and enjoyment of incorporating regular daily physical activity in ways that suit their personal beliefs and needs.

The Ready, Check, Go! Series includes:

  • Participant/Student Workbook to track physical activity (ages 9-11 and 12-14), and Leader/Teacher, and Parent Guides 
  • Activities to promote the importance of participating in regular physical activity
  • Goal setting worksheets to help enhance physical activity behaviours
  • Inclusive activities for children of all abilities 


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The Ready, Check, Go! Workbooks

Participant/Student Workbook

This workbook helps participants understand the importance of physical activity, track the amount of physical activity that they engage in during a regular (typical) school week, and offers a framework to help participants set goals. Participants fill out a log of a typical day, and identify the different activities they participated in, when, and for how long. 

Leader/Teacher Guide

This workbook is designed to facilitate the implementation  of Ready, Check, Go! for physical activity program leaders and teachers. It begins with a brief introduction to  physical literacy, physical activity and its various levels of intensity, and the importance of the after-school period for increasing levels of physical activity among children and youth.

Parent/Guardian Guide

This guide is designed to provide background information for parents about the Ready, Check, Go! learning activities, physical activity, the importance of regular physical activity and goal setting suggestions.