Youth Council

Students are at the center of education and PHE Canada is committed to meaningful student engagement. To do this, a Youth Council was created to learn about the needs and interests of youth, directly from youth.

About PHE Canada's Youth Council



  • Advising on PHE Canada’s strategic directions and activities
  • Sharing issues that impact or are important to youth in physical and health education
  • Sharing ideas and student centred solutions for a variety of physical and health education contexts
  • Participating on youth panels at workshops and conferences
  • Informing key decisions on PHE Canada awards and granting programs


The Youth Council will have between 12 and 15 members, representing the geographic and demographic diversity of Canada. PHE Canada will make every effort to ensure that race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and location within Canada are all represented equally.

All members will be between 15 and 19 years old and enrolled in a high school, CEGEP or equivalent program in Canada. Youth Council members are welcome and encouraged to participate in the language of their choice.

Governance, Council structure, and Terms of Reference will be co-created by youth members in the first year of the Council and reviewed annually. 


The Youth Advisory Council will meet virtually two times per year (October-June). Throughout the year, members will be expected to give feedback and input through surveys and emails as opportunities arise. These additional input opportunities are not expected to exceed 10 times per year, up to an estimated maximum of 15-20 hours total. 

An annual commitment is required by each member, with the year running from October to June. Prior to the first meeting of the year, the PHE Canada Staff Liaison will meet with each member to discuss personal and Council goals and intentions for the year. A year-end review of participation and goals will be conducted in May of each year.