PHE Canada National Mentorship Program

As an emerging leader in the fields of sport and physical and health education, it is important that you have equitable access to resources such as national and regional mentors to help you deepen your knowledge, gain pedagogical insight from shared experiences, and increase your confidence as you continue your journey as a young professional.

That is why the PHE Canada National Mentorship Program exists - to connect the PHE Community and better assist young professionals in the early years of their careers.  If you are in university, early in your teaching career, or simply new to teaching PHE, get connected with a mentor identified specifically for you! Enroll today!

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PHE Canada Mentors

shaking%20hands.jpgPHE Canada has many experienced and knowledgeable mentors in the areas of educational leadership, research, K-12 education and teacher education. Our network has you covered. Check out some of our featured mentors below to read more about some of the leaders you may be matched with. To view the full list of the PHE Canada National mentors, click here.

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Mentorship is important to me because of the mutual benefits to both mentor and mentee.  It is often thought of as only of benefit to the mentee but I see it more as a symbiotic relationship where both parties involved gain from the experience.

-Mary Veinotte, Nova Scotia


"Mentorship to me is learning from someone who wants you to grow, succeed, and achieve your goals! Mentorship is important to me because whichever side you are on, you are always learning and working with someone to accomplish success. Mentorships are great because they really make the experiences life changing for people and give you those one-on-one opportunities." 

– Emily Hoppe, Vancouver Island University


"Through the mentorship program with PHE Canada, I now have access to a qualified and experienced mentor with whom I can talk to about my research projects. My mentor’s experience in the field allows me to get feedback about how my research may or may not work when one is teaching. Through my mentor’s experience teaching, I will be able to receive realistic, attainable, and needed directions for my research."

                                                                                                                                          - Kaila Bonnell, University of British Columbia


"Mentorship has been an important part of my personal and professional life that provided me with many opportunities to learn from my mentors who supported my growth and who asked me questions that led to further self-discovery."

- Andrea True Joy Fox, Alberta


“Being a young teacher can be a daunting task; challenges you didn't know exist lurk around every corner. Knowing you have a mentor makes it easier to feel sustained in your work, invigorated by teaching, and ready to give back to others.”

- Kalen Senecal, University of Regina