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Always Changing
Procter and Gamble
Always Changing is a school-based puberty education and healthy, active living program for students in grades 5 through 8. Providing user-friendly, free downloadable Teacher Guides, Student Manuals, and Worksheets, Always Changing provides a comprehensive, turnkey program to support your puberty education unit.  





Sharing Dance
Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS)

Sharing Dance offers a suite of free online creative movement resources, developed by world-renowned dance experts and teachers. Let NBS help you meet curriculum needs and bring the joy and benefits of dance to your students. No dance experience required to facilitate or participate!

Canada Safety Council



Vaccine Education and Awareness
Canada Safety Council

This free resource, for use by teachers for their students, communicates about vaccination with age-appropriate materials.  While COVID-19 vaccines are currently available to Canadians aged five and older, providing well-researched, factual information to school-aged children about vaccines in language they can understand can be of great assistance in an otherwise confusing time. All downloads come with a 20-minute video presentation and resources for teachers.




The True Sport Experience
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

The True Sport Experience – Volume 1: FUNdamentals is a resource for educators of children aged 6 to 9 consisting of a series of physical activities that facilitate learning the True Sport Principles. The True Sport Experience offers a balanced and intentional approach to physical activity by focusing on the development of both ethical and physical literacy. The activities can be applied in and out of the classroom, as well as in the community and align with current Canadian physical education curriculum.

Champions for Life Logo


Resources for PE Teachers and Physical Literacy Program
Champions for Life Foundation

Lead the way to learn and play with Champions for Life! Our turnkey physical literacy programs and resources enhance children's movement experiences. Our tailored offerings include PE Teacher Resources, which facilitate the seamless integration of physical literacy into your physical education programming. These user-friendly tools empower educators to create impactful lessons, promoting competence, confidence, knowledge, and motivation to be more active. In addition, our 20-week progressive program for students ages 4-8 fosters fundamental movement skills through fun games, challenge stations and dynamic activities. 

All about food allergy


All about food allergy program
Food Allergy Canada

All about food allergy is a free, curriculum-linked and medically-reviewed program that helps to develop the knowledge and skills students need to support the health and well-being of self and others. This program teaches students about food allergy, what triggers anaphylaxis, how to be a good citizen and build inclusion, and much more. It features key learning experiences and activities, including lesson plans, presentations, videos, activity resources, and assessments. While it is geared towards grades 4-6, it can easily be adapted to other grade levels and learning needs.


First Tee Program logo


First Tee - Canada School Program
Golf Canada

First Tee – Canada gives Physical Education teachers the tools to introduce golf in various fun, safe and inclusive ways. First Tee School Program locations are provided with training (interactive online one-hour training and/or the opportunity for large groups to host an in-person training session), equipment (youth-friendly and safe equipment including clubs, balls, targets, and more!) and activity guides (turnkey lesson plans to introduce golf with a life skills focus, including a variety of games and sports for different ages and abilities). The curriculum is modified to incorporate elements of other activities such as soccer, baseball, and bowling with a golf twist. 




Rookie Rugby
Rugby Canada

Rookie Rugby is the newest activity found in P.E. classes across Canada. Rugby Canada has developed school-specific resources to help all physical educators implement the program with ease. The game is easy to teach and fun to learn.



Take the Lead!®
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association

Take the Lead!® is a program focused on fostering leadership skills in youth aged 11-14. Our youth know how to play best! Utilizing Take the Lead!® resources and training, youth can practice leading active play opportunities, providing more physical activity opportunities for their peers.



PHE Canada Resource Endorsement Program

There are three services available within the Resource Review and Endorsement Program:

Resource Review

The Resource Review includes the establishment of an expert review committee, comprised of field experts in the related resource subject and target audience. The committee will review the resource based on content, pedagogical alignment, accuracy and readability, methodology, and design and illustrations, with resulting feedback and recommendations compiled and provided in a comprehensive summative report.


PHE Canada Endorsement

Resources that have completed the review phase with approval are eligible to receive formal endorsement from PHE Canada. Such an endorsement certifies the quality of the resource to those in the education sector. Resources that have been endorsed by PHE Canada are able to display the PHE Canada Endorsement Seal on all related materials and would receive recognition through PHE Canada’s network as an endorsed resource.


Development of Curriculum Links

School-based resources become more relevant, user-friendly, and accepted when they are developed with the curriculum in mind and when they clearly outline how they are able to support the achievement of a teacher’s specific curriculum outcomes. Through this service, PHE Canada will construct a curriculum chart indicating which outcomes can be achieved with the resource.


If you would like to learn more about PHE Canada’s Resource Review and Endorsement Program and services, please contact Jordan Burwash at 613-523-1348 x.2339 or via email at [email protected].