Research Council

PHE Canada Research Council Membership

The PHE Canada Research Council is a national council organized under the auspices of, and supported by, PHE Canada.

The Research Council is composed of university level teachers, researchers, and graduate students, advancing research centered on topics and issues in physical and health education. 

Role of the Research Council

  • To create a collaborative and coherent voice for scholars and professionals in the fields of PHE teaching and research in Canada and internationally.
  • To provide a forum to disseminate and encourage the advancement of knowledge in PHE through Revue phénEPS/PHEnex Journal and conferences.
  • To facilitate a connection with others about our research interests.
  • To support PHE Canada and the PHE Journal.

Activities of the Research Council

Providing a Research Forum that is attached to the PHE National Conference. The forum offers a way for professors and graduate students with a common interest in Physical and Health Education from across Canada to meet, to share current research, and to establish and nurture professional networks. Graduate students are provided with opportunities to showcase their research and to meet new colleagues. Practitioners are invited to attend Research Council research presentations at the preconference, and many professors and graduate students offer practical activity sessions during the subsequent conference.

Operating a listserv that advertises employment opportunities, new publications, upcoming provincial, national and international conferences, and Research Council information and events. This listserv maintains connections among professors and graduate students throughout North America and Europe. 

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Providing an on-line, open-access, peer-reviewed journal entitled PHEnex Journal/Revue phénEPS (Physical and Health Education nexus/phénix Éducation Physique et à la Santé). As an open-access on-line and bilingual journal, this publication is the Research Council's “window on the world”. It is available to readers everywhere, and while Canadian research is featured, manuscript submissions from anywhere on the planet are encouraged and welcomed.

Ongoing close collaboration with PHE Canada, including engaging in and offering input and feedback for various projects.


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