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There is a new beginning for Passport for Life on the horizon   As of July 12, 2024, the current Passport for Life website will no longer be accessible. PHE Canada will be launching a rebranded Passport for Life tool in the fall of 2024 that will include a variety of Physical and Health Education activities.   Ahead of July 12th, we encourage to visit your user account and download or save any information you require as it will be inaccessible after this time.   After July 12th, the current Passport for Life activities will still be accessible on the PHE Canada website.

Passport for Life is a free online physical literacy assessment program for teachers assessing four primary components of physical literacy:


Active Participation

Examines student involvement in activities within school and beyond, both organized and unorganized. Children and youth should experience activity in a variety of environments, such as on land, on ice and snow, in water and in air.

Living Skills

Examines those skills and motivations associated with making healthy active choices that are both beneficial to and respectful of the whole self, others and the environment.

Fitness Skills

Examines balance, core strength and aerobic endurance.

Movement Skills

Examines throwing and catching, kicking , and locomotion

Through Passport for Life, you will be able to examine the physical literacy levels of your students, customize your programming to best meet the needs of the class and individual students, and evaluate progress.

With each student receiving a printable passport reporting their own individual data on each completed assessment, along with suggestions about how they can improve their physical literacy, students’ will improve their:

  • awareness about physical literacy -  meaning of physical literacy, why it is important to develop physical literacy in order to make healthy lifestyle choices; 
  • awareness of their own active participation and living, fitness, and movement skills;  
  • ability to set and meet individualized goals to enhance their physical literacy levels.


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Passport for Life is funded by the Government of Canada.

Government of Canada