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Student-Centered Learning

Student-centered learning is a recognized best practice approach to ensuring your school programming is providing your students with authentic, relevant, and meaningful learning experiences.

Rooted in the principles of equity, inclusion, and the right to access programming, student-centered learning engages students in the planning and implementation of school-based curricular and non-curricular initiatives. Using a for youth, by youth model, students come together to co-design, plan, and implement an initiative that suits the unique needs and interests of students in their school community.

The Student-Centered Learning Toolkit for Engaging Students in School-Based Initiatives supports school champions through the student-centered Learning approach in development and implementation of initiatives that are meaningful and relevant to their students. The toolkit provides a 9-step approach:

Step 1 – Identify the problem
Step 2 – Pre-initiative survey or interviews
Step 3 – Convene the action team
Step 4 – Knowledge transfer
Step 5 – Design workshop
Step 6 – Planning for implementation
Step 7 – Implementation
Step 8 – Post-initiative surveys or interviews
Step 9 – Evaluate and refine

The toolkit also includes additional supports to help schools through the process, such as a PowerPoint template, icebreaker activities and games, music playlists, sample surveys, an invitation to students, and more!

Student Centred Learning Toolkit Cover

Download the Toolkit

Watch the video below to learn about the 9-step approach using student-centered learning to engage students in school-based initiatives.