Opportunities for professional development in the areas of physical and health education and healthy school communities is critical to the advancement of our profession and our proficiency and effectiveness in providing quality learning experiences and healthy, inclusive environments for all our students. 


Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put a pause on in-person professional development opportunities, from national conferences to provincial and regional PD events across the country. However, it doesn’t have to put a pause on professional development. 

PHE Canada would like to invite to you join us for the PHE Spotlight Series – a series of free, virtual professional development workshops to support and advance quality physical and health education – both now, under the current at-home learning environment, and when we return to school. 


Physical Activity at a Distance

Glenn Young, Eugene Contreras, Sherry Stade, Shannon MacMillan with BOKS Canada
June 17th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint: Glenn, Eugene, SherryBOKS Canada


Physical Activity at a Distance (French Session)

Véronique Marchand, Marilyn Bellemare, Cédric Tremblay-Fournier, Daniel Turcotte and Kim St-Pierre with BOKS Canada
June 16th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint: BOKS Canada, CédricMarilyn


Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in School and Sport

Eric Radford
June 11th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint


Alternative Environment Activities in PE: More Important Now than Ever

Dr. Nathan Hall & Dr. Brent Bradford
June 10th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPointHandout


The Growing and Knowing of Me: Puberty, It's Going to Happen

Renee Gregerson
June 9th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint


Preparing Students for Healthy, Active Lifestyles

Guy Le Masurier
June 2rd 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPointHandout


Give Your Everything: Be a Champion for Life

Annamay Pierse
May 28th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint | Handout


Building Physical Literacy and A Love of Movement Through Dance

Ashleigh Powell, Anne Cass
May 27th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint


Engaging Student Leadership

Kim Gilhespy, Chris Wilson
May 26th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint


Sexual Health Education Made Easy 

Renee Gregerson
May 21st 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint | Handout (French Resources)


Resistance Training for Youth

Rob Dickson
May 19th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPointHandout (Sample Workouts)


Any Game, Any Brain

Chris Wilson and Mikaela Wilson
May 13th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint


Expanding the Cognitive Domain in the Physical Literacy Journey

Reg Leidl
May 12th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording


Empowered Play…Online

Farrah Zweig
May 11th 12:00pm EST

Webinar Recording | Handout


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