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PHE Canada Resource Endorsement Program

There are three services available within the Resource Review and Endorsement Program:

Resource Review

The Resource Review includes the establishment of an expert review committee, comprised of field experts in the related resource subject and target audience. The committee will review the resource based on content, pedagogical alignment, accuracy and readability, methodology, and design and illustrations, with resulting feedback and recommendations compiled and provided in a comprehensive summative report.


PHE Canada Endorsement

Resources that have completed the review phase with approval are eligible to receive formal endorsement from PHE Canada. Such an endorsement certifies the quality of the resource to those in the education sector. Resources that have been endorsed by PHE Canada are able to display the PHE Canada Endorsement Seal on all related materials and would receive recognition through PHE Canada’s network as an endorsed resource.


Development of Curriculum Links

School-based resources become more relevant, user-friendly, and accepted when they are developed with the curriculum in mind and when they clearly outline how they are able to support the achievement of a teacher’s specific curriculum outcomes. Through this service, PHE Canada will construct a curriculum chart indicating which outcomes can be achieved with the resource.


If you would like to learn more about PHE Canada’s Resource Review and Endorsement Program and services, please contact Jordan Burwash at 613-523-1348 x.2339 or via email at