PHE Canada Mentorship

The mentee application form below is designed to connect you with a mentor who can best assist you in your journey and growth as a PHE professional.

Once we've received your completed application, PHE Canada will put you in touch with a national level mentor that best matches your application. To be eligible for the PHE Canada Mentorship Program:

  • You must be enrolled in a post-secondary PHE Education program or related area of study (view the full list of eligible programs here) or new to teaching PHE to apply.
  • Be ready to be mentored and willing to expand on your learnings and experience as an emerging or existing professional.
Mentee Information
What are your preferred pronouns?
What is your current status?
If you are a student:
Which year of your program are you currently in?
Do you have a student membership with PHE Canada?
You will need to have a PHE Canada student membership to be eligible for the PHE Canada Student Mentorship Program, you can apply for a student membership for free at:
Mentee Preference
Would you rather be matched with a mentor in Academia or a mentor working in the K-12 education space as a practitioner?
I am interested in connecting with a PHE Canada mentor around the following topics: (Please select between 1-3 areas of interest)
Note: We will match you based on which areas you select as areas of interest.
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Following completion of your PHE Canada mentorship experience, would you be comfortable being featured on the PHE Canada website?
I wish to participate in this PHE Canada mentorship program as a mentee which may involve being interviewed and participating in surveys.
  • I am in my first 1-3 years of my professional career, or;
  • I am currently enrolled in a post-secondary PHE Education program or related area of study. I am a full-time/part-time student in Canada, and I am a Student Member of PHE Canada (to become a member, click here).
  • I am willing to expand on my learnings and experience as an emerging professional.
  • I am committed to being professional, teachable, flexible and willing to make the most of the limited time I will have with a mentor.