Students Together Moving to Prevent Tobacco Use

Welcome to our library of resources to further support the prevention and reduction of commercial tobacco and vaping use among youth. These resources have been vetted by PHE Canada and are focused around four intervention approaches often used when approaching substance use:

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Video: Conversations About Quitting Vaping

If you know or suspect a young person is vaping, approach the topic gently with open-ended questions so that...

CATEGORY: Additional Resources
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I Quit For Me Resource

This guide is for youth who want to quit using commercial tobacco, cigarettes, or vapes.

CATEGORY: Upstream Prevention
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Sacred Tobacco Resources

These resources from The Keep Tobacco Sacred Collaboration are developed with community and available to...

CATEGORY: Additional Resources
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Vaping Fact Sheet For Educators

Looking to learn more information about facts surrounding vaping? Check out this vaping fact sheet for...

CATEGORY: Additional Resources
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TED Talk: Len Pierre On Decolonizing Substance Use

This talk explores the origins of addiction and substance use through an indigenous lens. To shed some light...

CATEGORY: Harm Reduction
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Resources From The Expand Project

The Expand Project is striving to both start and expand conversations around nicotine and tobacco amongst...

CATEGORY: Additional Resources
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Standford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit (TPT) is a research-informed and validated set of curricula to help prevent...

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Course - Tobacco Interventions with Youth and Young Adults

This 6 hour self-directed module will allow learners to increase their knowledge about tobacco prevalence and...

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