Students Together Moving to Prevent Tobacco Use

STOMP Kits for Schools

If you or your school are looking for more ways to share tobacco, vaping or other nicotine prevention related activities and information at your school, check out the list of resources below.

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Downloadable STOMP Kit

Want to print a STOMP kit for your school? Download our kit and print it for your school action team!

CATEGORY: General Resources
View Cross the Line Activity Thumbnail

Activity: Cross The Line

Students will learn the differences between empathy and sympathy and learn how to better use their empathy...

CATEGORY: Classroom Activities
View Navigating Nicotine Dependence Thumbnail

Activity: Navigating Nicotine Dependence

Students will learn about nicotine dependence and investigate strategies for navigating the harmful effects of...

CATEGORY: Classroom Activities

Activity: Respecting Sacred Tobacco (Coming Soon)

Students will learn about sacred tobacco, its meaning, and its place in culture.

CATEGORY: Classroom Activities
View four areas of intervention thumbnail

The Four Intervention Approaches for Addressing Substance Use

Want to learn more about the four areas of substance use intervention? Download our 1-pager to learn more.

CATEGORY: General Resources
View Words of Warning Activity Thumbnail

Activity: Words of Warning

Students will unpack anti-smoking/vaping warnings and develop their own warnings to share with their peers and...

CATEGORY: Classroom Activities
View Refusal Skills Activity Thumbnail

Activity: Refusal Skills

Students will develop their own substance use refusal strategies through exploring simulated roles within the...

CATEGORY: Classroom Activities
View Culture Jamming Activity Thumbnail

Activity: Culture Jamming

Students will create images or practices that encourage others to question and challenge popular culture and...

CATEGORY: Classroom Activities