Students Together Moving to Prevent Tobacco Use

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Welcome to our library of resources to further support the prevention and reduction of commercial tobacco and vaping use among youth. These resources have been vetted by PHE Canada and are focused around four intervention approaches often used when approaching substance use:

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How Identity and Visibility Relate to Curbing Commercial Tobacco Use

Specific educational materials for events, social media, presentations, and news articles for the 2SLGB2Q+...

CATEGORY: Equity-Oriented
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Ideas for Action: Creating Smoke-Free Communities

A collection of activities that can be delivered in your school or community, as well as communication...

CATEGORY: Equity-Oriented
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Rethinking Conversations Around Youth Substance Use

Created for youth in grades 9-12, this video encourages individuals to support peers who may be struggling...

CATEGORY: Stigma Reduction
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Empathy Video

What is the best way to ease someone's pain and suffering? In this beautifully animated RSA Short, Dr. Brené...

CATEGORY: Harm Reduction
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Substance Use: A Resource Guide for Youth

This document outlines reliable resources for each province and territory that offer support regarding...

CATEGORY: Harm Reduction
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Clearing the Air About Cannabis: What Is Vaping?

Information for teachers, teaching tools, discussion of kinds of programming needed for cannabis education in...

CATEGORY: Harm Reduction
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Not an Experiment

Resources, infographics, videos, quit plan, information and tools to support tobacco and vaping prevention.

CATEGORY: Upstream Prevention
View Is Tobacco Use a Social Justice Issue in the LGBTQ Community?

Is Tobacco Use a Social Justice Issue in the LGBTQ Community?

This round table discussion titled “Is Tobacco Use a Social Justice Issue in the LGBTQ Community?” is brought...

CATEGORY: Equity-Oriented