Students Together Moving to Prevent Tobacco Use

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Welcome to our library of resources to further support the prevention and reduction of commercial tobacco and vaping use among youth. These resources have been vetted by PHE Canada and are focused around four intervention approaches often used when approaching substance use:

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View Vaping Prevention Lesson Plan Thumbnail

Vaping Prevention Lesson Plans for Grades 7-8

These vaping prevention lesson plans were originally created by the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School...

CATEGORY: Upstream Prevention
View Nicotine and Brain Development Thumbnail

Consider The Consequences Videos

CATEGORY: Additional Resources
View Quash App Thumbnail

Quash App

Looking for additional support to quit vaping? The Quash app is a free smoking and vaping cessation app for...

CATEGORY: Additional Resources
View ASH Youth Vaping Toolkit Thumbnail

ASH Youth Vaping Toolkit

This toolkit provides information to youth and adult facilitators so they are equipped with the knowledge and...

CATEGORY: Upstream Prevention
View Physicians For A Smoke Free Canada Thumbnail

Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada Scan of Provincial and Territorial Vaping Regulations

At-a-glance: Provincial and Territorial restrictions on vaping products as of May 2023.

CATEGORY: Upstream Prevention
View Interventions Research Thumbnail

Interventions to Prevent Harms from Vaping

This research explores the current state of knowledge on vaping interventions and highlights promising...

CATEGORY: Harm Reduction
View Escape The Experiment Thumbnail

Escape The Experiment Activity

Educators, try this escape room activity and other activities with your students to inform them on the risks...

CATEGORY: Additional Resources