Professional Learning

Healthy Schools

The Canadian Healthy School Standards define Healthy Schools and provide a framework for promoting health and wellbeing within school communities. They outline a set of interrelated actions that support successful implementation, presenting stories from across the country as practical examples. 


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The Standards aim to spark conversations and be a tipping point whereby the school community comes together to elevate wellbeing in schools in a way that: 

  • Reinforces specific accountability and processes for taking a systemic approach to enhancing wellbeing in schools
  • Centres equity, diversity and inclusion, anchoring Healthy Schools within a human rights and anti-oppression lens
  • Acts on Truth and Reconciliation
  • Supports staff well-being

The Standards build on, rather than replacing, existing Comprehensive School Health models and provide consistent language across the many school health approaches being used in Canada. The Standards were developed for people who are interested in advocating for, initiating and strengthening healthy schools across Canada.