Student Centre

As an emerging leader in the field of physical and health education, it is important that you have access to resources such as national and regional mentors to help you deepen your knowledge, gain pedagogical insight from shared experiences, and increase your confidence when you enter the field of PHE after graduation. That is why we have launched the Student Mentorship Program.





PHE Cross-Canada Check-In for PHE Teacher Educators

The PHE Cross-Canada Check-In is an opportunity for the PHE Community to come together to share, learn, discuss current challenges and opportunities, emerging topics, tips and strategies for personal and professional development, and innovative approaches to physical and health education during this pandemic. 

  • Meeting #3 - October 8, 2020 - PHE Canada is hosting this Cross- Country Check-In to provide an opportunity to connect with all Physical and Health Education Teacher Educators (PHETE), discuss challenges, share ideas and highlight successes after the first month of the term.
  • Meeting #2 - April 17, 2020 - Pre-service teacher placements across Canada have been affected as a result of the pandemic. This raises concerns for our Physical and Health Education (PHE) pre-service teachers as critical learning opportunities were lost and/or graduation dates extended.
  • Meeting #1 - April 3, 2020 - Topics include online learning, student teachers/practica, challenges and opportunities for PHETE during a pandemic and future impact of current changes.

For the full series of the PHE Cross-Canada Check-In, please visit: