Are you passionate about healthy, active kids, value the important role school plays in the healthy development of our children and youth, and want to help make a difference in the lives of students in your community and across the country? Become an EMPOWER PHE Ambassador

The Empower PHE Program is a fundraising campaign to address systemic and programmatic barriers to the delivery of quality physical and health education and establishment of healthy, active schools. As an Empower PHE Ambassador, you are helping lead the charge to all children and youth in Canada leading physically active and healthy lives. 

Becoming an EMPOWER PHE Ambassador is rewarding ... and simple!

The EMPOWER PHE Toolkit provides Ambassadors with a range of tools and resources to support your fundraising efforts - from campaign messaging (facts, stats, and success stories) to fundraising ideas - PHE Canada is here to support you however possible. 


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PHE Canada is here to support you - whether it be answering questions, sculpting a message, designing a postcard, setting up a campaign page, or other – PHE Canada is here to support you in your fundraising efforts. If you need help organizing an event or campaign, do not hesitate to contact us.

We truly appreciate you, your passion, your time, and your commitment to EMPOWER PHE