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But What About Recess? Planning Safe and Effective Recess Experiences in the Time of COVID-19

This webinar hosted by PHE Canada features panelists Dr. Lauren McNamara, Founder and Director of The Recess Project; Morris Hucal, Superintendent of Education for Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board; and Connie Adserballe, Principal of Sunnyside School discussing return to school considerations for recess.

Kids Will Need Recess More Than Ever When Returning to School Post-coronavirus                                                   

The COVID-19 pandemic provides an opportunity for us to rethink and redesign how schools support children’s social connections and opportunities for informal play and recreation. 

Stretching out recess: One Alberta school doubled its breaks and is finding more focused kids

Taking inspiration from the Finnish education system, members of the Bruderheim School community share the positive experiences of increasing breaks for students. 

When Kids Dread Recess, We Have a Problem

A look at why recess in its current form is failing to provide the physical activity and social opportunities - and the serious consequences. 

Indoor Recess Guidelines Across Canada

The cold Canadian climate can often push recess indoors, but how often depends on where you live. 

Québec puts a time minimum on school recess

Education guidelines in Québec require schools to provide 2 breaks of at least 20 minutes.

Are We Doing Recess Right? A New Tool Can Help. 

An analysis of nearly 500 playgrounds finds that recess can be optimized to build social skills and relationships.


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