Professional Learning

Physical Literacy

An important component of a Quality Daily Physical Education program is assessing the program and evaluating how well it is supporting the development of physical literacy.

The "Educating for Physical Literacy Checklist" is a general assessment tool which can help facilitate instructional improvement for the development of physical literacy in students. It is not intended to be used in the evaluation or judgment of teaching competence and must be adapted to the setting, outcomes, and the personal styles of teachers and coaches. Some of its intended uses include self or peer assessment based on observations for constructive feedback, reflection, and professional development.

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The checklist is structured around four critical components of effective teaching which collectively house 24 research-based criteria for best-practice teaching in physical education:

  • Planning
  • Environment
  • Instruction
  • Professionalism

These are only some of the many important teaching qualities for the development of physical literacy in a physical education setting. Nevertheless, these criteria should serve as a generally useful means to help physical educators assess their planning, instructional capabilities, professionalism, and ability to nurture an effective learning environment for the development of physical literacy in physical education students.