Statement Regarding the Anti-Trans & 2SLGBTQ+ Protests

The image shows students holding a pride flag in a school playground.

PHE Canada Statement

PHE Canada stands with members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community today and every day and believes that our schools should affirm and reflect the rich diversity of our world.

Accurate and inclusion lessons affirm 2SLGBTQ+ students, give all students clear and relevant information about the diverse world around them, and prepare all young people to live well, with relationships rooted in mutual understanding and respect.

PHE Canada Research Council Statement

The Research Council of PHE Canada stands alongside their statement supporting members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The Research Council of PHE Canada also firmly believes in all children and youth's inherent dignity and rights, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Every individual deserves to grow up in an environment that fosters acceptance, love, and respect.

Inclusive schools are not only a reflection of our commitment to human rights but also a cornerstone of a just and harmonious society. By celebrating diversity, we create spaces where every child and young person can thrive, learn, and develop their unique potential without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

We must actively promote education environments that empower 2SLGBTQ+ children and youth, providing them with the support, resources, and understanding they need to flourish. By doing so, we nurture individual growth and contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate world for everyone.

Together, we stand in solidarity with 2SLGBTQ+ children and youth, affirming their right to live authentically and without fear. Let us champion diverse schools as beacons of hope where every student can find their place, voice, and truest self.