The PHE Canada Podcast Is Launched!

PHE Canada Podcast

Introducing The PHE Canada Podcast! Your go-to destination for insightful discussions, expert interviews, and interesting perspectives on the diverse landscape of physical and health education. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, The PHE Canada Podcast is designed to inform, inspire, and connect our community.

What to Expect from The PHE Canada Podcast

Get ready to explore a world of PHE knowledge sharing like never before. The PHE Canada Podcast is more than just a podcast; it's an immersive experience where we bring you the latest trends, insightful interviews with industry experts, and engaging discussions that promise to broaden your horizons.

Our Inaugural Episode

In the first episode of The PHE Canada Podcast, we talked about all things outdoor play with guests Dr. Louise de Lannoy, Executive Director of Outdoor Play Canada and Dr. Maeghan James, a postdoctoral fellow with the Healthy Active Living and Obesity (HALO) Research Group.

Each month a new episode will be released. This season’s future episodes will topics such as Indigenous Education, All-Gender Physical Education, Healthy School Initiatives, Tobacco and Vaping, and more!

Spread the Word

Help us build a strong community by sharing this exciting news with your colleagues, friends, and anyone who is passionate about physical and health education. Let's make The PHE Canada Podcast a hub for learning, sharing, and connecting!

Tune In and Stay Connected

You can listen to The PHE Canada Podcast wherever you get your podcast. Make sure to subscribe, rate, and review to ensure you never miss an episode! Stay in the loop and follow us on PHE Canada's social media accounts for updates, sneak peeks, and opportunities to engage with the PHE community! 


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