2022 AGM and Special Meeting

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At the December 6, 2002 Annual Meeting and Special Meeting of General Assembly, PHE Canada’s general assembly voted to accept the resolution to amend By-law No. 1 of the corporation. Summary of key amendments: 

  • Article IV.09 - Ensure that Members are able to vote electronically.
  • Article V.03, V.04 & V.05 - Increase the number of Elected Directors from 10 to 13, ensuring that each province and territory is able to have their own Director representing them.
  • Article V.04 (e) - As the number of Elected Directors increase, the number of Appointed Directors increase proportionally from 3 to 5.
  • Article V.07 & VII.01 & VIII.01 IX.05 – Clearly articulate that Directors are able to receive remuneration for work outside of their capacity as a Director of a charity.

Next Steps

These amendments are now in-force, and PHE Canada will submit documentation to Corporations Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency for January 2023.

Where can I get a copy of the amended By-law No. 1?