Strategic Plan

PHE Canada is seeking public input on the development of our 2021-24 Strategic Plan. 

This Strategic Plan represents the collaborative efforts of the PHE community and PHE Canada’s best intentions. Member engagement, in combination with key stakeholder consultations, will inform its development.  To do so, we have already consulted with many but hope that you will take the time to review our most recent draft. 

The plan is structured into four overarching goals.

  1. ADVANCE the personal, physical, and social development and wellbeing of children and youth.
  2. EXPAND access for educators (pre and in-service) and academics to meaningful knowledge, resources, and programs.
  3. ELEVATE commitment to Black, Indigenous, Girls and Women, Newcomer, Racialized, LGBTQ2+, and Students with Disabilities through equitable teaching and learning environments.
  4. SUSTAIN PHE Canada’s Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, consultants, and our work.

Under each goal, there are seven strategic intentions. Please download the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan Draft here to see the complete plan.

Strategic Plan Survey

PHE Canada would like to ensure that the goals and strategic intentions are easily understood, are reflective of the PHE Communities' needs and interests, and clearly outline our path to impact. We want to hear from you as we gather information to inform our decisions.  

Please complete this survey by December 11th, 2020.  Thank you in advance for participating.


Please download the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan Draft here.