PHE Learning Centre

It’s back to school time, but this school year is starting off a little different. Extended health and safety protocols, in-person and remote learning, and new teacher requirements are just some of the new facets teachers and students are returning to. The PHE Learning Centre is here for you.

The Centre provides access to practical and fun physical and health education activities, return to school supports, in addition to PHE Community connections, self-care strategies, and professional development programs for you during this time.    

Activities are organized into four themes - physical education, healthy eating, emotional well-being, and healthy bodies; across three grade ranges – K-3, 4-6, and 7-12; and learning environments - at-home, in-school, or applicable for both contexts. 









Return to School PHE
Teachers, researchers, and medical experts have come together to create additional tips and guidance for everyone as we prepare to return to school in the fall.

Staff Room

  • PHE Community - Providing links to PHE Community discussion groups and forums.
  • Advocate for PHE - Let’s make sure quality physical and health education remains a priority for the education sector. 
  • Self-Care – As if teaching wasn’t already challenging enough, right?! Let’s make sure you are also taking care of you during these uncertain times and beyond. Find tips and strategies to support teacher mental health. 
  • Professional Development – For some, this time of phsyical distancing has presented an opportunity to self-reflect and grow. Find opportunities to grow and keep your mind active and engaged.
  • PHE Spotlight Series
    The PHE Spotlight Series is a series of free, virtual professional development workshops to support and advance quality physical and health education – looking a both the at-home and in-school learning contexts and physical and health education beyond COVID-19. Visit


Additional Support Links

  • Staff Picks – Find a vast array of physical and healthy living related activities students can do at home. 
  • COVID-19 Update Centre – Get the latest news and updates on COVID-19 from health authorities and educational developments from provincial educational ministries.