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The Move Think Learn Series supports physical activity leaders and teachers working with children and youth approximately 8-14 years of age (grades 4-9) develop their physical literacy – knowledge, confidence, and competence – through unique, inclusive, and fun activities.

Using a Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) approach, children work through tactical gameplay problems, think through options and skills, and learn how to apply this learning to broader gameplay situations. 

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In partnership with the associated National Sport Organizations, the Move Think Learn Series offers the following sport in focus programs:

  • Territory Games: Basketball, Football, Hockey, Ringette, Soccer, Team Handball 
  • Net & Wall Games: Badminton, Squash
  • Racing Games: Canoe-Kayak, Cycling
  • Striking & Fielding Games: Cricket, Softball
  • Target Games: Archery, Curling

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Move Think Learn – Football in Focus: Featuring CFL Skill Practice

PHE Canada and the CFL have partnered to develop Move Think Learn Football in Focus Featuring CFL Skill Practice resources for grades 4-6 and grades 7-9. Developed in collaboration with Football Canada,  these resources provide tactical games, skill practice activities and instructional strategies to assist educators, coaches and leaders in adding football to your programming. Now children and youth can MOVE, THINK, LEARN, and practice SKILL EXECUTION to increase their confidence and competence in becoming more skillful game players.

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Move Think Learn – Games Play Introductory Level (Grades 4-6)

More Activities. More Learning. More Fun

The Move Think Learn – Games Play Introductory Level resource brings the entire series together, featuring 30 activities across the 5 game categories to increase confidence and competence in becoming more skillful game players; motivate children to become further engaged in physical activity and/or sport; and enhance your programming with developmentally appropriate and easily implemented games. 

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What’s Inside? Resource Overview


Four-Six different activities highlighting a different tactical problem relevant to the Teaching Games for Understanding games category of the sport in focus. These games can serve as an entry point to a lesson and are designed to help participants understand “what to do” in the context of the game.


Each series of tactical questions relates directly to the preceding Move game, and are intended to engage participants in critical and creative thinking to identify the tactical problem, solutions and associated movement skills. Building on student understanding of “what to do” in the context of the game, this section explores “how to do it”.


Two games are described in the Learn building upon the learnings from the Move games and are intended to engage participants in activities that resemble the mature form of the sport in focus. While playing, students apply solutions to tactical problems and decision-making skills. These games can serve as a culminating game to a lesson or unit.



The Move Think Learn Series is funded by the Government of Canada.

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Thank you to our Move Think Learn program partners:


Check out the CFL's #TRYFOOTBALL COMMUNITY! To help introduce more children and youth to the game, visit TRYFOOTBALL.CA for more information. 


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