2021 PHE Virtual National Conference features 7 priority themes to support teachers and healthy school champions in delivering meaningful PHE during COVID and moving forward.

Outdoor Learning & Outdoor Education  •  Assessment in PHE 
Indigenous Ways of Learning in PHE •  Physical Literacy & Well-Being
Inclusion & Equity in PHE • Health Education & Well-Being • Bonus Track: Healthy Schools in a Pandemic

Each themed series consists of three (3) one-hour webinars. All webinar recordings have been uploaded to the event platform. You can still register to access all the sessions and connect with other conference attendees using the PheedLoop platform. Sessions will be available until December 10, 2021.  

Register today to:

  • Receive practical tools for your PHE toolbox
  • Learn more about innovative approaches with Canadian PHE experts 
  • Connect with some of Canada’s PHE Champions to hear what's working in their classrooms
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for each theme