Canadian PHE Competencies

The Canadian Physical and Health Education (PHE) Competencies are intended to spark change and be a guiding light for those seeking to develop and deliver more inclusive, empowering, and meaningful Physical and Health Education.

What do the Competencies aim to achieve?

The Canadian PHE Competencies are designed to:

  • support and expand the role that Physical and Health Education plays in student success and wellbeing in and out of school environments.  
  • support the alignment and consistency of curriculum and therefore equitable access to quality education across the country.
  • outline a set of planned, sequential, and culturally affirming core competencies and outcomes in Physical and Health Education.
  • set a high standard for Canadian Physical and Health Education and in doing so, support and facilitate future revisions to curriculum and policy documents across the country that are clearly defined, transformative, evidence based, and grounded in wise, fulsome, and diverse practices.

Creative process: What's next?

The Competencies project started in 2019, and has been led by a passionate and dedicated team to ensure educators across Canada are able to provide consistent, equitable, up-to-date Physical and Health Education across the country. Please stay tuned for updates on our social media, website, and newsletters.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email [email protected].