Make it a Fun February with the At My Best Challenge!

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What is the AMB Challenge?

During the month of February, complete one #ambchallenge per school day to support students in learning about their health and well-being. With activities for K-3 and 4-6 grade levels, the challenges are categorized into the three themes of the At My Best program: healthy eating, emotional well-being, and physical activity. The challenges are fun and easy to fit into the school day, only taking about 10 minutes to complete. Some challenges include downloadable activity sheets or ask you to upload a photo or short description. 

$6,000 in prizes available! The more activities you complete = the more chances to win. Each time your class completes a challenge and you mark it complete online, you will be entered into the weekly draw for two $500 cash prizes for your school community! At the end of the month, each challenge you have completed provides you with an entry into two grand prize draws of $1,000 for your school community.

How do I sign up?  

In order to participate in the challenge, you must register for At My Best. If you are already registered for At My Best, just login to your account and choose Challenge in the top navigation menu to get started! 

What else do I need to know?

  • Challenges for the following week are unveiled every Thursday
  • If you don’t complete a daily challenge, you can always complete it on another day
  • Challenges from the previous week must be marked complete by 11:59pm Pacific on Monday evenings in order to be entered into the weekly cash draw
  • The grand prize draw will be on Tuesday, March 2nd so complete as many challenges before that date!
  • We trust your knowledge of your students and encourage you to modify the activities as applicable 

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