2022 PHE Virtual National Conference

Schedule Overview

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Thursday Feb 17, 2022

 10:30 am - 10:55 am  Welcome Remarks
 10:55 am - 11:55 am  Opening Keynote: Monique Gray Smith
12:00 pm – 12:55 pm  
 Live Spotlight Sessions A
 -  ‘Just Pass Me the Ball’ :(Re)Envisioning Sport and Physical Education (Sabrina Razack)
 -  Being ‘Inclusive’ in Physical Education: Using Collaboration, Student Voice and Non-traditional Activities to Break the Mould (Hayley Morrison)
 -  Strategies for Improving Uptake and Implementation Quality of Social-Emotional Learning Programs: Lessons Learned From the MindUP Project (Claire Crooks)
 1:00 pm - 1:55 pm   
 Live Spotlight Sessions B
 -  Traditional and Commercial Tobacco Use (Larissa Coser and Jamie Tanis)
 -  Metis Jigging (Madelaine McCallum)
 -  Engaging Youth in Grade 7/8 in Rethinking Masculinity Norms: How a Guys' Only Health Class Brings Positive Changes to the Health and Well-being of Youth in a Nova Scotia Classroom (Moe Green and Chris Gilham)
 2:00 pm - 2:55 pm   
 Live Spotlight Sessions C
 - Sexual Health Education in Schools: Guidelines for Best Practice and Tools for Implementation (Jessica Wood)
 -  Setting up the Ultimate Outdoor School Program (Darin Faubert)
 -  Indigenous Perspectives on Physical and Health Education:  How do I see Assessment? (Norbert Mercredi)
3:10 pm - 4:30 pm  Virtual Social Event
4:30 pm  End of Day


Friday Feb 18, 2022

 11:00 am - 11:55 am   
 Live Spotlight Sessions D
 -  Financial Literacy - Balance and Interconnectedness to Holistic Well-Being (Miya Inkster)
 -  Unstructured Risky Play: What It Is and Why It Matters in PHE (Megan Zeni) + Active Smarter Kids (ASK): A Physically Active Learning (PAL) Model for Curriculum Delivery (Britt Vegsund)
 -  Implementing Anti-Racism in Physical Education (Courtney Szto)
 12:00 pm - 12:55 pm   
 Live Spotlight Sessions E
 -  Creating Meaningful Experiences in Health Education (Lauren Sulz)
 -  “Affirming Gender Diversity” in Canadian Schools (Wes Delve)
 -  Clearing the Haze: Understanding Youth Vaping and Preventing a New Generation of Nicotine Addiction (Sarah Butson)
 1:00 pm – 1:55 pm   
 Live Spotlight Sessions F
 -  Gender inclusivity in PHE: Evolving our practice (LJ Slovin and Dillon Landi)
 -  It Starts with Motivation (Steeve Ager)
 -  Why Schools Need to Make the Time, Space and Freedom for Outdoor Risk Play - Now More Than Ever (Marianna Bursoni)
 2:00 pm – 2:55 pm   
 Live Spotlight Sessions G
 -  Approaching PHE Differently (Kellie Baker and Christan Murphy)
 -  Programme de leadership BOKS pour les élèves de votre école (Kim St-Pierre)
 -  Building Healthy Minds Through Physical Activity (Sue Kim)
3:10 pm  Closing Remark