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someone holding up a maple leaf
The Impact of the Healthy Active School Symposium (HASS) on Supporting the Implementation of Comprehensive School Health
[ Research ] What is the value of comprehensive school health and its impact on health and educational outcomes?
announcement speaker
Health and Physical Education in the Midst of a Pandemic
[ Feature Article ] Health and Physical Education in the Midst of a Pandemic This blog was first posted at purposefulmovement.net and has been modified with permission for PHE Canada. Across Canada, provinces and territories have implemented school closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic...
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The Principal Factor: A Literature Review Juxtaposing the Roles of Elementary School Physical Education Teachers and Principals
[ Research ] Previously published in Volume 84, Issue 4 Abstract The ongoing dialogue concerning the teaching of elementary school physical education (PE) by specialist versus generalist teachers is rich in history. This purpose of this article is threefold: (1) to discuss the importance...