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Return to School PHE

Schooling this year looks very different.  

PHE Canada has brought together teachers, researchers, and medical experts to create additional tips and guidance for everyone to use as they navigate through these tough times. 

Please contact [email protected] with questions, tips, or additional resources.


Available Resources

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion cover EN.png   Equity, Diversity and Inclusion cover EN.png

Physical and Health Education: Winter Resource


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Return to School Well Being EN.png   Return to School Well Being EN.png

Teaching in Alternative Learning Environments


Meaningful Assessment in Physical Education

Return to School Well Being EN.png   New%20to%20Teaching%20PHE%20EN.png

Focus on Well-Being


New to Teaching Physical and Health Education?

Tips for Teaching resource cover   Health%20Protocols%20cover.png

Tips for Teaching PHE 


New Health Protocols in PHE: Ideas for Management


COVID-19 Pandemic: Return to School Canadian PHE Guidelines





PHE Canada would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the additional resources of the Return to School Guidelines:

Julie Andrews
Dr. Kellie Baker
Thomas Doherty
Eugene Contreras
Dr. Doug Gleddie
Cyril Indome
Aron Knudsen
George Kourtis
David Malowski
Karen Natho
Dr. Lauren McNamara
Dr. Hayley Morrison
Jen McKenzie
Josh Ogilvie
Justin Oliver
Lori Sigfridson
Daniel Stevens
Dr. Lauren Sulz
Rohan Thompson
Derek Wasyliw
Ellen Long
Melanie Davis
Heather Callum
Fei Wu
Paula Roberts-Banks