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HOPE Wheel

HOPE Wheel

This promising practice highlights the HOPE Wheel project. The project is designed to apply a cultural approach toward student, staff, and family needs and is based on the ancient wisdom of the medicine wheel.  The HOPE Wheel focuses on four domains of need: self, understanding, others, and community. Correlating to each domain (in order) are contexts of respect, understanding, relationships, and responsibility. Also correlated in order are four pillars of learning: learning to be, to know, to live peacefully, and to do. The hub in the middle represents HOPE (Health-Opportunity-Privilege-Education), and that place on the wheel is where the approach initiates as that is where students begin their journey on the wheel.  Everyone travels the Hope Wheel at their own pace, and on an individualized trajectory based on their experiences, environments, associations, and levels of resiliency to deal with everything. The belief is that if people's needs are met in these four domains, then positive mental health is supported.  

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promising practice
Supporting / working with students
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July 2019
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PHE Canada