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Teach Resiliency Education Series

The Teach Resiliency Education Series is a series of free, informative, and interactive professional development presentations led by experts in the field of both children’s and teacher’s mental health.

Hear from leading experts and discover evidence-informed tools, tips, and strategies to support both teacher and student resiliency and wellness, and connect with fellow mental health champions from across the country.





Webinars in the Series

What Does It Mean to Teach in a Trauma-Informed Way? 

This webinar provides considerations and strategies for being trauma-informed in order to support students’ mental health and resiliency – when they return to school and going forward. Dr. Karen Bax shares the principles of the approach, why it is important, and practical ideas for how to apply trauma-informed practices in your classroom, at your school, or within your school district.

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Build Resiliency: Approaches to Supporting Pre-Service Teacher Wellness

Supporting teachers of tomorrow…today! This webinar shares insights into the experiences of pre-service teachers and introduces efforts underway in B.Ed. programs designed to foster wellbeing and help shift the tide from burning out to burning in, and from surviving to thriving in the profession. The Pre-Service Teachers’ Stress Management and Resilience Program developed by the Faculty of Education at McGill University is introduced as well as the Teachers of Tomorrow initiative from Ever Active Schools. 

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Talking About Teacher Wellness

At the front of every class is a teacher who is contending with the heavy demands of their day-to-day responsibilities and managing the stress associated with their profession. In the third webinar in the series, information and strategies for fostering teacher wellness are presented by school mental health expert Michael Leblanc.

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Developing a Culture of Mental Wellness in Your School Community

In the second presentation of the series, developing a culture of mental wellness in your school community is discussed. Special guests Dr. Susan Rodger, Dr. Patrick Carney, and Patricia Marra-Stapleton share steps and approaches that educators and administrators can take to ensure their classroom and school is supportive of the mental health of all students.

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Share2Care – promising mental health initiatives for your school

In the first presentation of the series, the Share2Care initiative is discussed and promising practices are presented. In October 2018, Teach Resiliency’s Share2Care campaign received over 220 mental health initiatives from across the country sharing and inspiring others to take action in their classroom or school community. In this webinar, special guest Dr. Susan Rodger shares various components of promising mental health initiatives using Share2Care initiatives to guide the discussion. Special guests also share unique, innovative, and promising mental health practices having a positive impact on students, school staff, or both.

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