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School District #73 - Kamloops-Thompson

Implementing Mental Health Literacy: Model, Scaffold, Coach

This promising practice highlights a district-wide pilot project to support British Columbia’s redesigned Physical and Health Education curriculum. Many teachers felt ill-equipped to properly teach the new Mental Health Literacy (MHL) due to lack of knowledge and evidence-based resources.  The purpose of the pilot was to scaffold MHL in teachers to improve understanding of mental health, reduce stigma, and support the prevention and management of challenges in students. The school board piloted a MHL curriculum in grade 9 Physical and Health Education to build capacity, competency, and confidence in teachers. A Mental Health Team was developed to work with secondary physical and health education teachers to come up with guidelines for MHL curriculum facilitation, building safe plans, establishing respectful vocabulary, and knowing where to get help if triggers occur. The ongoing goal is to improve knowledge and understanding of mental health and to teach tools and strategies that strengthen mental health so that school communities can thrive.   

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July 2019
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PHE Canada