ReBOOT Intramurals

Intramurals are designed to be fun, inclusive, and an open platform for young people to get re-energized.  It provides a unique opportunity in the school day, outside of instructional class time, to get children and youth engaged and excited about participating in physical activity.

ReBOOT Intramurals recognizes the strength of youth engagement as a means to increase participation rates. It is designed to support and engage young people with lower rates of sport and physical activity participation compared to their peers. The program utilizes a ‘for us, by us’ model, with students coming together to co-design, implement, and evaluate an intramural program that suits the unique needs and interests of students within the school setting, eliminating barriers and increasing participation. Rooted in the principles of equity, inclusion, and the right to play, the program supports all interested schools and student populations. 


The ReBOOT Intramurals Toolkit for Leaders supports school champions in implementing the program. The toolkit provides a 9 Step Approach:

Step 1 – Identify the problem
Step 2 – Pre-program survey or interviews
Step 3 – Convene program team
Step 4 – Knowledge transfer
Step 5 – Program design workshop
Step 6 – Program planning
Step 7 – Program Implementation
Step 8 – Post-program surveys or interviews
Step 9 – Evaluate and refine

The toolkit describes a unique user-centred design approach and includes additional supports to implement the program such as a PowerPoint template, sample surveys, invitation to students, and more!

Download the Toolkit


To watch a video of PHE Canada’s pilot of the ReBOOT Intramurals program, click here.