National Award for Teaching Excellence in Physical Education

The PHE Canada National Award for Teaching Excellence in Physical Education honours Canadian teachers who provide outstanding teaching performance at the elementary, middle, or secondary levels, who have an exceptional ability to motivate students to participate in a lifetime of physical activity, and who further Physical Education in Canada.


To be eligible to receive the National Award for Teaching Excellence in Physical Education, a nominee must meet the following requirements:

  • Is a member/supporter of their respective provincial organization and/or PHE Canada.
  • Teaching responsibility for physical education in one or more grades from kindergarten to grade 12.
  • Is fully certified by their respective province to teach and follows provincial curriculum using sound pedagogical principles.
  • Minimum of 7 years teaching experience in physical education.
  • Have a permanent teaching contract, at the time of nomination and selection.
  • The candidate must not be a previous PETE Award recipient or have previously received the National Award for Teaching Excellence in Physical Education.


Selection Criteria

The applicant must be a teacher who:

  • Conducts a quality physical education program as reflected in PHE Canada’s definition and the provincial curriculum.
  • Has established a balanced program that includes a wide range of learning opportunities, a variety of teaching methodologies, utilizes assessment for and of learning, and provides innovative, engaging learning experiences.
  • Provides learning experiences for learners that develops physical literacy and encourages a physically active lifestyle in the school and greater school community.
  • Has made a substantial contribution to the field by positively impacting the teaching of physical education curriculum in the school, region, and province.
  • Participates in professional development opportunities related to the teaching of physical education and also shares their expertise with colleagues locally, regionally, provincially or nationally.
  • The package must be supported with a biographical sketch and two (2) letters of reference that speak specifically to the above criteria.


Award Presentation and Benefits

National Award for Teaching Excellence in Physical Education recipients receive:

  • Award recognition plaque
  • Recognition in the Annual Report and on the website
  • Recognition during the next PHE Canada National Conference
  • Complimentary registration at the next PHE Canada National Conference (travel and accommodations are not included)


Past Recipients



Rhéal Hébert (New Brunswick) - National Recipient

Heather Rootsaert (Alberta) - National Recipient

Daren White (Nova Scotia) - National Recipient



Susan Marshall Steele (Nova Scotia) - National Recipient

Sue MacDonald (British Columbia) - National Recipient



Zoe Hamilton (Prince Edward Island) - National Recipient

Kristin Crowdis  (Quebec) - National Recipient



Bernice Schubert (Alberta) - National Recipient

Bill Walters (Ontario) - National Recipient

Charlene Shears (Newfoundland) - National Recipient

Jennifer Foley (Saskatchewan)

Rodger Lourenzo (Manitoba)

Megan Morrison (Prince Edward Island)

Scott Hudson (Nova Scotia)



Mary Lou Buckle (Nova Scotia) - National Recipient

Andrea Haefele (Ontario) - National Recipient

Debbie Shorthall (Newfoundland and Labrador) - National Recipient

Lynn Brown (British Columbia)

Kenny Yeung (Alberta)

Graham Hayes (Saskatchewan)

Jocelyn Legault-Clark (Manitoba)

Stewart Fraser - (New Brunswick, NBPES)

Gino Volpé (New Brunswick, APEP)

Chris Huggan (Prince Edward Island)




Nancy Bulow (Quebec) - National Recipient

Leisa Nogler (Prince Edward Island) - National Recipient

Jason Desai (Newfoundland and Labrador) - National Recipient

Brenda Rushton (British Columbia)

Jennifer Wallace (Alberta)

Miles Bennett (Saskatchewan)

Chris Marinelli (Manitoba)

Jennifer Benoit (Ontario)

Steve Hachey (New Brunswick)

Neil MacKinnon (Nova Scotia)



Carol Peters (Manitoba) - National Recipient

Mike Butler ( Newfoundland & Labrador) - National Recipient

Robyn MacDonald (Prince Edward Island) - National Recipient

Lola Montgomery (British Columbia)

Donna Hozjan ( Saskatchewan)

Marc Bertrand ( Ontario)

Peter Govan ( Québec)

Patricia Bastarache (New Brunswick)



  • Tracy Loder Stephen (Alberta) - National Recipient
  • David Markham (Manitoba)  - National Recipient
  • Ellis Coles (Newfoundland & Labrador) - National Recipient
  • John Stewart (British Columbia)
  • Rob Cherepuschak (Saskatchewan)
  • Steve McGrail (Ontario)
  • Gilles Champagne (Québec)
  • Donna Bliss (New Brunswick)
  • Kellie Steele (Prince Edward Island)
  • John McGowan (Nova Scotia)



  • Marilynn Wickenheiser (Alberta) - National Recipient
  • Jacki Nylen (Manitoba) National Recipient
  • Mark MacDougall (Prince Edward Island) - National Recipient
  • Kevin McNamara (Ontario) - National Recipient
  • Gavin Bowers (British Columbia)
  • Tayne Moore (New Brunswick)
  • Brian Lewis (Saskatchewan)
  • Loyola Fitzpatrick (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  • Norman Katz (Quebec)




  • Geraldine Blake (Alberta) - National Recipient
  • Renee Verge (Saskatchewan) - National Recipient
  • David Constantine (Newfoundland and Labrador) - National Recipient
  • Michael Snow (British Columbia)
  • Dionne Potapinski (Manitoba)
  • Steve Faulkner (Nunavut)
  • Justine Gadouchis (Ontario)
  • Debra Pellerin (Québec)
  • Rachel Schofield Martin (New Brunswick)
  • Dave Matthews ( Prince Edward Island)
  • Brian Archibald (Nova Scotia)



  • Cheryl McCombe (Manitoba) - National Recipient
  • Kellie Baker (Newfoundland & Labrador) - National Recipient
  • Anthony Corbin (Nova Scotia) - National Recipient
  • Barton Lim (British Columbia)
  • Patty Fyhn (Alberta)
  • Victor Stynsky (Saskatchewan)
  • Brad Mainse (Nunavut)
  • Fernando Boin (Ontario)
  • Gary Taylor(Québec)
  • Lucie Lagacé (New Brunswick, French)
  • Heather Neilsen (New Brunswick, English)
  • Peter Bolo (Prince Edward Island)




  • Donald Hutchinson (British Columbia) - National Recipient
  • Lloyd Armstrong (Ontario) - National Recipient
  • Benjamin Osmond (Newfoundland) - National Recipient
  • Del Lomsnes (Alberta)
  • Darryl Elaschuk (Saskatchewan)
  • Diana Juchnowski (Manitoba)
  • Gordon Oliver (Québec)
  • Diane Hoyt (New Brunswick)
  • Paula MacRae (Nova Scotia)
  • Chris Meuse (Prince Edward Island)



  • Claude Molgat (Manitoba) - National Recipient
  • Donna Blackstock (British Columbia) - National Recipient
  • Jody Williams (Manitoba) - National Recipient