PHE Canada Research Forum

The PHE Canada Research Forum offers a platform for PHE Canada research community to come together to discuss and (re)define/(re)build who we are, what we do and share some of the valuable lessons we have learned as a result of the last few years.

The theme for this year’s research forum is (Re)building the PHE Community in Canada: (Re)conceptualizing and (re)imagining the future.

The deadline for proposal submissions has been extended to Friday, November 3, 2023 at 4PM (Eastern).

Review and selection process

The PHECRC Forum Planning Committee strives to represent the Research Council in a way that is both transparent and inclusive. For the 2024 event, certain policies and procedures have been updated to ensure that decisions are made in the best interest of the PHEC research community.

For the 2024 Research Forum, abstract reviewers will consist of PHECRC Executive Members only. Each submission will be blind-reviewed by three reviewers, and scored using a rubric that takes into account significance to the field, study design/theoretical rationale, rigor of methodology, and overall clarity. Submissions will then be ranked accordingly. Only those abstracts not accepted for presentation will be provided a summary of peer-review feedback at the request of the submitting author.

Format of the Presentations

We  recognize that for some people, particularly graduate students, traveling to conferences can be costly and not always feasible. For this reason, the PHECRC Forum Planning Committee is providing graduate students the option to present their Graduate Student World Cafe virtually via a pre-recorded 3MT-style presentation, should their abstract be accepted. Virtual presentation attendees will be provided a feedback form that will be collected and shared with the student presenter following their virtual presentation. Students who plan to submit an abstract for virtual presentation will be required to provide a short explanation of why they are opting to do so instead of attending in-person. Priority will be given to those students in dire circumstances (e.g., health concerns, parental/familial reasons, financial constraints, etc.). Only those students accepted to present virtually will be offered a virtual student conference registration fee. Please note, no other presentation formats will be offered in virtual format during the 2024 Forum. None of the presentations will be recorded, and the RC Forum Planning Committee reserves the right to limit the number of Graduate Student virtual presentations accepted for presentation based on the total number of abstracts received to accommodate and ensure an effective and comfortable in-person experience.


When preparing your abstracts for submission, some discussion points to consider could include: Who is our PHE community? Who is responsible for teaching our children and youth? Who is conducting meaningful PHE research in our community? What lessons have we learned? How do we move forward? What do we bring forward with us through the portal? What do we leave behind?

Proposals are being accepted in one of four formats:

  1. Graduate Student World Cafe: Work from graduate students at any point in their program is invited. With this format, graduate students will begin with a 3MT, and then participate in an active world cafe. This format is intended to take the place of the traditional poster presentations and promote dialogue and mentorship. Graduate students will be asked to post a 1-page summary and/or their slides to the conference app prior to the World Cafe beginning.
  2. Oral Presentation: For research that has been completed but not yet presented at a conference, presenters will have 12-15 minutes to present their research followed by 2-3 minutes of questions (presentation time will depend on the number of submissions received).
  3. Oval Table: A non-traditional round table discussion as a space for sharing projects and ideas that may not necessarily be identified as research in the traditional sense. This may include community-based work, collaborative projects, and other relevant topics/ideas. Presentation (20 minutes) and facilitation of a discussion (7-10 minutes).
  4. Disrupt and Dismantle Panel Discussion: These are NOT research presentations but rather an opportunity to discuss a controversial issue in Physical or Health Education (e.g., sport influence on PHE, use of fitness testing, uninformed/political opinions on curriculum development, etc.). For this presentation type, the presenter(s) will propose the topic for discussion and invite 4-5 ‘experts’ to present varying points of view on the topic. The session will last approximately one hour. 

Please note:

  1. All presenters must be a PHE Canada RC member in good standing. You can check your PHE Canada Research Council membership status by logging into your PHE Canada membership account or emailing your request to [email protected].  

  2. All presenters are required to register online as a delegate for the RC Forum.
  3. Presenters may submit only one proposal for which they are the lead author.
  4. ​​​​​​ALL proposal submissions will be assessed by a blind peer review.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at [email protected].

Please note that abstract submissions via email will not be accepted.

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