PHE Journal

The Physical and Health Education Journal (PHE Journal) is known worldwide as one of the leading periodicals in physical and health education. This practical digital magazine provides a forum to highlight, analyze, discuss, and share many of the leading-edge teaching techniques, hot issues, and school successes in the fields of school health and physical education.

Published quarterly, the PHE Journal features practical articles dealing with school physical education, active living, fitness, health education, intramurals, teacher education, assessment, and lesson plans. Each issue is a valuable teaching tool that will keep you abreast of the latest teaching strategies, programs, resources, hot issues, concepts and trends.

Regular features:

  • School physical education programs
  • Peer reviewed papers
  • Quality school health programs
  • Ready-to-use activities
  • Resource reviews
  • Hot issues
  • Teaching strategies
  • … and much more!


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