Members of Physical and Health Education Canada shall maintain a high standard of conduct. Adherence to this Code of Conduct for Members (the Code) is required for membership with PHE Canada, and PHE Canada shall interpret and enforce the Code in the manner set out in PHE Canada’s formal discipline process.


Members shall:

  • Act with fairness, integrity and dignity and in a manner not detrimental to the interest of the association, its Members and its Staff.
  • Protect the integrity and promote the positive image of the association.
  • Acknowledge and uphold the values held by the association.
  • Serve the association faithfully, respecting confidentiality, and avoiding conflicts of interest and activities for personal gain at the expense of the associations or other Members.
  • Respect each other and Staff in their professional capacity and when evaluating the work of another, demonstrating objectivity and fairness and avoiding ill-considered or uninformed criticism of the competence, conduct or advice of other Members and Staff.
  • Only make public statements on behalf of the association if authorized to do so.
  • Support the association in its efforts to advance its vision and mission.