SPEA - Student Leadership Experience

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Lumsden SK

Discover your leadership potential and be inspired to change the lives of those around you. The SPEA Student Leadership “Experience” will challenge your physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being. You will have opportunities to engage in physical activities combined with presentations, workshops and other initiatives that encourage you to explore your preconceptions of health, inclusion, education, and leadership.

You will work closely with mentors and students from across western Canada with diverse backgrounds and experiences. You will learn from and network with some of the most influential mentors in the field of physical education, health education, sport, and health promotion. You will return from the “experience” with increased knowledge and skills to foster healthy active living for children and youth in the school community. But more than that, expect to come away with a greater understanding of what it means to be a leader, and how you can challenge yourself and others to meet and exceed your goals and expectations. The location will be the Dallas Valley Ranch Camp in Lumsden, Saskatchewan. Visit the website at: