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Healthy eating supplies the mind and body with the nutrients and energy it needs. Healthy eating education provides students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills to be able identify, prepare, and choose healthy food and healthy eating options.

The Healthy Eating Education Activities will provide students with a foundational understanding that will address the what, why, and how as it relates to healthy eating learning the following important competencies, within their home settings:

  • Think - Students will develop cognitive skills and strategies that facilitate knowledge about healthy foods, food habits, food preparation, and food safety.
  • Feel - Students will develop affective skills and strategies that facilitate healthy food relationships with themselves, with others, and with their environment.
  • Act - Students will practice behaviour skills and strategies that facilitate healthy eating, food habits, food preparation, and food safety.

Healthy Eating Education Activities





Additional Healthy Eating Resources

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Teaching Considerations
This is a new dynamic in which we are working. As such, there are additional considerations that need to be taken into account within this adapted teaching and learning environment, along with the regular instructional considerations in a typical education environment. Please ensure to address and factor in the following teaching considerations as appropriate to your students and education programming: