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Looking for more information on healthy school communities in Canada? You've come to the right place! Below you will find tools, information and best practices from across Canada that shared by our partners.


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Core Conditions are the conditions necessary for CSH to be successfully implemented.   Read more.   Best Practices Surrounding Well-being in Schools. Read more.   Promoting students’ well-being can reduce their risk of problematic substance use. Read more. 


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User-centered Design Process: PHE Curriculum Supports.  Read more.   This "Leading Mentally Healthy Schools" Resource was created by school administrators, for school administrators, with the support of mental health professionals and Ministry of Education staff.   Read more.   The Comprehensive School Health (CSH) Hub is a community for individuals involved in teaching, learning, and researching CSH at the post-secondary level.  Read more.


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Tenacious Change is a set of operating principles for inclusive, broad-based collective change leadership.  Read more.   The CRAAP Test, developed by by Sarah Blakeslee, of the University of California at Chico's Meriam Library, as designed to assess how accurate and reliable a resource is.  Read more.   CASSA has curated COVID-19 related school resources shared and/or developed by members of CASSA. Read more.




by PHE Canada
When we return to school in the fall, it will be imperative to ensure that well- being is a priority for all members of your school community to learn, grow, and thrive.  Read more.