Canadian Healthy Schools Alliance

Every student has the right to be healthy and learn in an environment that lets them thrive. 

Wellbeing is an essential precondition for learning and an integral part of leading a flourishing life. It is proven that health and wellbeing require a supportive environment that considers all physical, social, and emotional dimensions that each person needs to thrive.

Schools are a unique setting which critically impacts their wellbeing and establishes lifelong habits. In Healthy School Communities, students, staff, and families work together to prioritize holistic wellbeing in every aspect of the school community. This ensures that each and every child has the foundation to learn well and enjoy lifelong success. 

There is a growing movement dedicated to empowering every school in Canada to become a Healthy School Community. We call ourselves the Canadian Healthy Schools Alliance and we work together to achieve this mission by:

  1. Advocating for policies and investments that address health and wellbeing across the entire school system, including students, staff, and school system leaders.

  2. Uniting partners beyond the education sector, working with other fields including health, social services, sports and recreation.

  3. Learning from what works and accelerating the adoption of successful initiatives from the local level to the national level.

  4. Integrating evidence and research into everything we do.

 We invite you to join us.