Assessment in Physical Education

Assessment in physical education is an essential component of purposeful and relevant programming, with the overarching goal of guiding and supporting the learning process of students. 

Assessment is a process that uses predefined learning outcomes to collect, reflect, and communicate student learning. It should consider learning across the psychomotor, cognitive, social, and affective domains as well as demonstrate alignment in the following areas: learning outcomes, learning tasks within the curriculum, and assessment activities.

"Effective teaching should demonstrate a match between what students are intended to know and be able to do, the opportunities they receive to practice and learn, and how we assess their learning progress."

- AISEP Position Statement on Physical Education Assessment, 2020

Quality assessment practices include: 

  • Sharing learning outcomes and criteria with students at the start of the learning process
  • Inviting students to develop their learning priorities and how to demonstrate their learning progression
  • Communication between teachers and peers about assessment and outcomes
  • Self- and peer-assessment
  • Student reflection of learning

Informed by the AIESEP Position Statement on Physical Education Assessment (2020).

Assessment in Physical Education: an Infographic